Mastering the addictive personality, med Carolyn Cowan

Mastering the addictive personality - Module 1-3

with Carolyn Cowan

back in Scandinavia in may 2018


This teacher training is the only one of it’s kind:

The principle techniques taught in this programme can be applied to all yoga styles.

The training, which is 60 hours for one week, is certified by the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association


Carolyn Cowan:

Carolyn is multi-layered in her approach to recovery, spiritual practice and experience. She's done the journey through recovering from drugs, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, sugar and sex. She's a Kundaliniyoga teacher and trainer in recovery, which in her own words affected her recovery hugely. She´S also a psychosexual & relationship therapist, a counsellor specialising in addiction recovery, trauma, pre & post-natal issues, the spiritual journey, female empowerment and sexual abuse recovery.


Recovery: A life worth living.

Carolyn Cowan, kundalini yoga, beroende, detocification, missbruk

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The effects of yoga in recovery from addiction, mastering the addictive personality with yoga, Carolyn Cowan
12 step & SAMRT recovery, addictive behaviour, mastering recovery with yoga
Utbildning bemästra beroendepersonligheten, återhämtning, recovery från missbruk med yoga



Date: 20-26 November 2018, Sverige

Place: Dag Hammarskjolds Alle 42A,


Price: 11250 DKK early bird (1510 € to

30 september, late bird 13000 DKK/

1742 €.


Coming to Norway in april 2019!




Food and accomodation is not included in the price, but you can get at discount at First Hotel Mårtensson when booking accomodation at the hotel during the training. Send an e-mail to for more details.

In Halmstad you have numerous restaurants and food stores where you can buy lunch and other food, both vegetarian/vegan and non vegetarian/vegan



The training is open to all yoga styles.


This education also welcomes students wishing to participate for their own experience.



Module 1: We will explore the 12 step and SMART recovery, as well as the links between trauma and addictive behaviour.We will learn more about different types of addiction, including substance & process addictions and "Chem Sex". Futhermore we will learn about the effects of addictions on the mind, the body, our hormones and our emotions. The effects of use of medications including anti-depressants and other prescription drugs will be adressed, plus there will be an owerview of the psychiatric issues involved in addiction and recovery.


Module 2: This module will focus on specific postures and their direct effects upon the body, mind and hormonal flow. We will explore the power of intention, the effects of pranayama & meditation, and the experience of mantra. The need for self-parenting, acceptance and boundaries in recovery will be a fundamental part. This module will focus on how to teach yoga to master the addictive personality in different setting including prisons, rehabs, gyms and dedicated yoga centres. We will explore the issues when working with clients who are in treatment and in harm minimisation centres.


Module 3: The third module will look at diet and detoxification including a life without sugar and other stimuli including caffeine. We will discuss the importance of a spiritual practice which includes replacing acting out with ceremony and ritual. In this module we will also focus on healthy sexuality and intimacy. We will create a tool box for long-term recovery and relapse prevention. Part of the module will look at how to set up, run and publicise classes and groups and how to make the best use of social media.


Yoga, pranayama and meditation will be a core practise throughout the whole week.


Certification is based upon passing of an exam and attendance at all three modules. If you don't have a yoga teacher training in beforehand, you can not teach after this education, but we encourage you to take a yoga teacher training program.


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